UV Protect Spray


Has your latex gone all white and patchy?

Do you like wearing your latex out in the full sun?

You will need and love our UV protect spray! It can protect from UV sun damage and stop further damage if used semi regularly or after washing.

It removes the white bloom from exposed latex and makes sure it doesn’t happen in the first place.

A must have when buying our Teddies or Cushions as they are prone to discolouring and cracking due to being out and exposed.


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Skin and potential eye irritant, do not use while item is on the body and wash hands after applying!!

  • Lustre finish with no oily and greasy residue
  • Keeps treated surfaces looking new
  • Prevents fading and cracking
  • Restores lost color and luster
  • Powerful UV blockers
  • Anti-Static, repels smudges, dust, soiling and staining
  • Easy to use, simply spray on and wipe dry
  • Also safe and effective for vinyl, clear vinyl, synthetic/natural rubber, plastics and finished leather
  • Water based


Use only on clean surfaces. e.g. brand new or after washing.

Avoid getting spray on the floor. (can cause slippyness)

Out of direct sun, spray surface with UV protect spray and WIPE COMPLETELY DRY with a lint free cloth. If streaking occurs, too much product has been used.

Use a wet towel to remove excess, IMMEDIATELY WIPE COMPLETELY DRY. Note: this product does not air dry.

Extra buffing with a dry cloth INCREASES bonding, repellency & longevity = more shine + more protection.

Apply every 3-5 weeks for maximum UV protection when regularly exposing item to sunlight or after washing.

Great for use on a variety of surfaces such as: vinyl, leather, plastics, synthetic & natural rubber and PVC . Not for use on unfinished leathers (such as suede), fabrics (canvas) or floorings.

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