Multi Ombre Marble Latex


This pattern of marble blend produces a seamless blend of horizontal stripes of colours.

Stand out of the crowd with your own sheet of latex is handmade to your specifications and colours. Each sheet is approx. 1x2m. Minimum order is 1 sheet.

Please choose your colours below. Your latex will have a pattern similar to the picture shown but in your colours.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then fill in this form and someone will contact you.

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When buying Yummy Gummy you know you are getting get cymbalta out your system quality latex.

All colours used are skin augmentin to buy online safe and FDA approved and the latex itself is of the get cymbalta out your system highest medical grade. This makes it feel silky smooth and is safe to wear for as long as you want.

When ordering 2 sheets latex will come packaged in a parcel, over 3 sheets the latex will be sent by a courier on a meter long roll.

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