Green and beetle green with orange splodges


Orders will be posted early-mid February (when the postal system is less busy = less lost parcels) unless you need it sooner, let me know in the checkout text box.

Sold as seen with no refunds.

Defects will be photographed and prices accordingly

A lot of the sale latex is several years old because i kept it for projects and ideas. Some might have sun damage where the latex has bloomed, this can be polished or shined away but it will look matt if you don’t use silicone polish in those areas.

A lot of latex is one off and non repeatable

Strange white blotches are most likely talc and will be easily wiped away with water and polish


more than 1x1m

Average thickness 0.4mm ish

Photos show both sides (one side has more beetle green pigment).

This is offcuts from a fashion show piece it has a few orange ombre circles bit is otherwise a bright green with beetle green colour change pigment. Up one end the colour change pigment has fallen more to one side (see photos)

In stock



2 sheets will be sent in an envelope

3+ sheets will be sent on a roll

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

purple mark and square missing, normal


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