Sheet latex

Hand made, hand poured, unadulterated (except with glitter*) sheet latex!
(*but glitter doesn’t count because it is amazing)

All sheets are 2×1 meters. (2x2m is available at special request)

Wait time is around 4 weeks, however latex is made to order so can turn up earlier or later depending on how busy we are.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email
If you need it for a certain date please let us know

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GLITTER! and metallic latex

OMG Glitter Latex!! This can either be solid or mixed sparsely in to another colour of latex for a more subtle sparkle. n.b. not good for catsuits due to strains in armpits   To reduce glitter fall out we recommend chlorinating your finished latex garment. We highly recommend contacting Gord from Catalyst latex Or purchasing our new non fallout glitter! (option at the bottom of the product) This also adds extra strength to the garment which will make it better for high stress garments.   We have collaborated with G silicone to make matching glitter dildos to our glitter sheets. They can be found at in the Gleam and Effulgence ranges.

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UV Latex

These colours glow in UV black light. Great for standing out in a club or rave or to just let out your inner glow. They all look great in normal light and UV light. UV colours are naturally slightly semi-transparent, they can be made opaque by adding white which will change the tone slightly.

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