Disclaimers & Care Information

Regarding lace

1.1.Due to the difficult nature of rubberizing lace, exact measurements cannot be guaranteed. Also, due to it being a fabric, bubbles may also occur in the latex. However, this should not weaken the support and effectiveness of latex.

Regarding thickness and manufacture

2.1.Due to the different techniques used to create unique patterns, consistent thickness throughout the latex sheet cannot be guaranteed.

2.2.Yummy Gummy aims to be within 0.2mm of the desired thickness. For example, we aim to be about 0.4-0.5mm throughout the sheet. However, as stated above (2.1) this cannot be fully guaranteed depending on the pattern commissioned.

2.3 If colours have been mixed for your order, we cannot guarantee the same hue or shade can be achieved again on consequent orders.

2.4 Our latex is made by hand and from a liquid. This can cause micro bubbles within the sheet which we try all we can to remove as many as possible but some can still remain. If over stretched this can cause weak spots however if stretched a normal amount (we recommend taking no more than 10% from your seam allowance) these micro bubbles will be fine due to their perfect circularness. If direct pressure and tension is put on a micro hole (poking with a finger) this is also likely to damage the latex.

2.5 Some techniques that make patterns such as zebra, paint splatter, deluxe leopard and tartan can have some separation occur between parts of the pattern and the background colour. Again we try our best to seal any of these separations but some can be missed and may only be noticeable when stretched. We recommend if you see any to just patch on the inside and this should stop anything bigger developing.

2.6 Due to latex being a natural and hand made material we cannot guarantee that it will be totally free from flaws. We will do everything within our abilities to provide, bubble free, even thickness, flawless latex, but sometimes there are circumstances out of our control that can cause small flaws.

Regarding Allergies

4.1.Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex is made from medical grade liquid latex and FDA approved and skin safe pigments. When dried, the latex is then covered in talcum powder, cured, and vulcanized in a safe, hygienic, and chemically neutral fashion. This strengthens the latex.

4.2.Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex cannot be held responsible for any allergies caused by the use of said latex. A skin patch test should be done before wearing garments made out of Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex. Please consult with Yummy Gummy if you are aware that you have any allergies.

Regarding aftercare

5.1.Latex can discolour, and eventually perish, if exposed to heat, sunlight, and light with a high U.V. content. We recommend that, when not being worn, latex garments should be kept, lightly talced, in a black plastic bag in a dry cupboard or drawer. Do not store in damp conditions, and do not leave on, or near, heaters.

5.2.Keep away from naked flame and fires, latex rubber burns readily.

5.3.Latex permanently stains brown in contact with copper, brass, or bronze. Light colours can even stain brown when handled after prior handling of copper coins. Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex recommends you wash your hands before using any sheets or garments made from said latex.

5.4.Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex cannot be held responsible for any consequences derived from the mistreatment of its products, as stated above, in regards to the discoloring or damage of the latex post purchase.


6.1.Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex strongly recommends the buyer to handle and store the goods in accordance with British Standard 3574 which provides, amongst other things, that:

6.2.The goods shall be stored between 15-25 degrees celsius, away from heat and free from frost.

6.3.Damp and moist storage conditions should be avoided.

6.4.Prolonged exposure to light, in particular direct sunlight and fluorescent artificial light with a high ultraviolet content, should be avoided and;

6.5.Goods should be kept well wrapped whilst in storage.

6.6.Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex cannot be liable for any defects arising through the failure of the buyer to store and handle in accordance with the British Standard and the buyer is strongly recommended to insure accordingly.

6.7 Yummy Gummy cannot provide free replacements if anything happens to the latex during storage. e.g. light damage, mould.

6.8 The customer must take their order out of its envelope and fully check it before storing away. Thicker latex can leech water from the curing process during transit. It will be dry when we ship it but over time the moisture can come to the surface. If the latex appears to be damp upon arrival then tumble dry until dry. If a drier isn’t available then hang in a dark room until dry, this could take a week this way to get all the moisture out. Once dry, either use or talc and store rolled or loosely folded.


7.1. Each sheet is hand made and unique therefore we do not take returns of custom made sheet latex unless in special circumstances at our discretion. e.g. sheet is completely unusable due to order error or thickness issues.

7.2 There is no returns on clothing unless there is a breakage or flaw in which we will either fix it or replace it. Always send us a message with pictures of the fault or flaw.

Full Care Instructions for Clothing

Care Information

Latex is easy to look after. However there are some guidelines that
need to be followed to keep it looking beautiful.

Be aware of sharp objects and fingernails, latex will tear easily
if it is pulled too hard or snagged on anything.

Keep latex away from heat, sunlight, cigarettes and metal.These
can all leave brown stains on the latex permanently.

Latex can be affected by perfume, body sprays and body oil,
degrading the material and the glue.

Dressing and Shining 

Talc the inside for easy dressing also talcing oily/tacky
skin will aid dressing. If the garment is sticky on the inside, dressing
will be difficult and you are liable to break the garment.
(Silicone dressing oil can also be used.e.g. Pjur)

If you would like to know which product suits your needs best, you can watch our video comparing the different kind of shiner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm7-Tw4fxQs

The outer surface of latex can be polished using our water based
latex cleaner/polish. Silicone sprays and fluids will make your latex
shine brighter. Do not use any other oil or silicone car oil!

Cleaning and Storing

Hand wash your latex in luke warm, soapy water and rinse
thoroughly. Turn inside out and allow to dry. The garment must
be thoroughly dried and talced on the inside so it doesn’t
stick together before storing.

Store the garments in a dark wardrobe in a protective bag,
e.g. black bin bag. It can also be wiped with the blue cleaner to
preserve the material and be ready to wear.

Yummy Gummy sheet latex is a natural product and will last
if looked after. With love and care your latex will stay beautiful and be a
fun, sexy addition to your wardrobe for you to enjoy for years to come.

Regarding Postage

8.1 There are two options for all countries for shipping, one is standard and the other is insured. We can only replace items for no charge, if it has been lost in shipping, if you paid for insured shipping. If you purchased standard postage you will have to replace the lost item yourself by repurchasing it in the shop.