Yummy Gummy is a sheet latex and ready to wear clothing retailer and manufacturer. We trade at fetish markets globally and have an online shop.


We were born out of the knowledge of a sheet latex company called Rainbow Skin. We use special high quality medical grade liquid latex and cosmetic safe /FDA approved colourful pigments*. Every sheet is hand crafted to your order and left to dry slowly for the best shine. The whole process can take up to a week depending on design. Our sheets are 2×1 meters, we also have a 2×2 meter sheet available at special request.


We can make 5 different thicknesses: Thin (around 0.2mm), Average (around 0.4mm), Medium (around 0.6mm), Thick (around 0.8mm) and Extra Thick (around 1mm). All thicknesses are approximate due to nature of the hand made latex. We could possibly make thicker, feel free to message if you are interested.


We talk one on one with you to make sure we have the same image in mind when it comes to your dream latex. If it is possible to make, we want to be able to achieve it.


Yummy Gummy makes ready-to-wear clothing from size 8-18. These come in several different colour patterns in stock but can be made in your own unique colour pattern. Just email us with your colours, dress size and item of clothing you want. All items can be mixed and matched to make your own capsule latex wardrobe. The separates are also great for anyone who is two different sizes as you can get a top to fit the top half and a different sized skirt to fit the bottom, bring it all together in the middle with a belt and no one will know you’re not wearing a custom made dress.


Special thanks should be made to Matthew Brown of Rainbow Skin for teaching us everything we know.

*Some limited special pigments do not have FDA approval, however have been personally skin tested or are cosmetic grade.

  • Yummy Gummy Latex Short dress in blue marble