Goodbye Yummy Gummy Latex

With much gratitude and many tears I have made the difficult decision to close Yummy Gummy Sheet Latex. I may still have some one off clothes as I use up the last of my sheet stock with my clothing maker, but I won’t be taking any more orders and shall be contacting customers that have open orders.

This has been a long time coming. I am moving on to the next chapter of my life and I’ve been trying to do too much in the last year and something has to give. I need to take back my mind space so I can move forward. The final nail in the coffin was the cold snap in December which froze and denatured my stock of liquid latex. I wanted to close my sheet latex soonish and keep the clothing going, but because of the denatured latex I have made the difficult decision to not buy more liquid latex so that I can concentrate on my diploma and new projects.

Thank you so much for the good times, the trust you had in me and my product. The fashion shows, the clothing collections, the markets, the party’s, the events, everyone that bought things and the ones that just wanted to try latex on for the first time.
To Latex101 for believing in my product, becoming my first large customer and then going on to make my clothing collections until @beth.parkin took over. I wouldn’t have been who I became with out that first support.
I’m so lucky and fortunate to have spent 10 years in this industry. I opened a business in my 20’s and you guys supported me into a roaring success. To @latexfashiontv for filming my shows and shoots and events and generally being a real sound dude, following my journey and supporting so many small burgeoning latex businesses. And to the @birminghambizarre for always having me and giving me a space to sell my clothes. And lastly and not leastly, my long suffering friends and family, so standing by me, helping me out at markets, loading and unloading the car. And special mention to my dad, who without, I would have never gotten off the ground or this far. Helping me spend thankless hours fine tuning these tables and working for me for a year or two.

Thank you so much, each and every one of you.

Keep your eyes peeled in @fab.london_store for my personal collection of ball gowns and fashion show pieces. I may also have some other sample pieces on here or @beth.parkin ‘s page as I continue to tie up the loose ends so that nothing is wasted or binned. I made these clothes to wear and many have been sat untouched for the last 3 years. I want them to be loved and worn again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the memories 💞


If you’re interested in purchasing my equipment, pigments, glitter, knowledge or name, please reach out.